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Chrome - TRISTAR Line

TRISTAR represents an important advancement in the technology of high performance addition agent systems for conventional and black trivalent chrome plating. It provides a remarkably uniform performance over a wide range of current densities and operating conditions in an economical manner.

The TRISTAR line offers

  • excellent deposit coverage, even in very low current density areas.
  • outstanding tolerance to current interruption and intermittent contact during the chrome plating portion of the finishing cycle.
  • simple-to-monitor and to-control additives provide excellent stability under all reasonable operating conditions.

The TRISTAR line of trivalent chrome processes are ideal where high performance and high productivity are essential.

In production, TRISTAR is a proven replacement to Chrome VI processes -- Chrome III. Electroplaters have a new opportunity to use these technologies for decorative applications, on plastics or metals, including in automotive, building and electronics. TRISTAR helps in enhancing worker safety, soothing waste water treatment, and increasing profits due to increased productivity.

Your contact, USA
Brad Durkin +1 734 731 5180
Doug Lay +1 330 284 3763

Er kontakt, SWEDEN
Per Alsin + 46 70 633 99 21


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