COVENTYA develops and supplies specialty chemicals for surface finishing in over 40 countries and 4 continents. Our customers include both captive surface treatment and job shop platers that capitalize on our innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals.

With a full line of products that find use in many industries from automobiles and oil fields to computers and fashion it is clear that Coventya products touch our lives each and every day.

We are a responsible supplier. As a steward of the environment our products are designed to be "green" and we support them with a full Watercare product line that ensures our customers can meet the same commitment.

We hope you'll join us "Beyond the Surface".



The top automobile manufacturers in the world rely upon COVENTYA.

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Learn more about how COVENTYA integrates sustainability throughout our organization via the ECOLINE approach. 
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WaterCare - Chemical Applications for the Treatment of Cooling water, Boiler water, and Wastewater


Molclear is an eco-efficient metal finishing process designed to compliment or replace existing electroplating type processes.

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