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Waiting for policy to drive change is a risky bet for entrepreneurs. Uncertainty surrounding REACh regulations on Hexavalent Chrome has restricted the advance of environmentally friendly technology. There is good news though. You don’t need to WAIT. The solution to eliminate dangerous Hexavalent Chrome is on your doorstep.  It’s safe to PLATE again.

COVENTYA, through decades of investment in R&D, has led the march away from Hexavalent Chrome surface finishing technology. Plating on Plastics (POP), a critical process that finds use in countless applications, is no longer burdened by Hexavalent Chrome.

SILKEN BOND, a completely chrome free etching process, has proven itself in high production operations all over the world. Reliable adhesion on a wide variety of non conductors and a significantly smoother finish are just a few of the reasons why it was recently approved by a major European OEM.

COVENTYA understands that environmental responsibility extends throughout your finishing operation. The recently introduced TRISTAR 330 AF decorative Trivalent Chrome process supports that claim. This sulfate based process rivals contemporary Hexavalent Chrome processes in terms of color quality (L* =82÷84, a* =  – 0.4÷-0,6, b*= 0.2 to -1.5 depending on detailed application).

Deposits meet all current corrosion standards (TL 528 or STJLR.50.5151). TRISTAR 330 AF actually exceeds Hexavalent Chrome in the chrome corrosion test (PV 1073 A) after a treatment with COVENTYA passivate, TRISTAR SHIELD. 

Multiple industrial applications have been undertaken across the globe and many components have achieved OEM acceptance.

As our industry moves down the road of environmental sustainability, one thing has become quite clear. COVENTYA effectively turns technology dreams into reality.

Don’t let uncertainty stop progress. Take the step and let Hexavalent Chrome become what it should be: History.





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How can we help you?
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