The European Chemicals Regulation EC 1907/2006 for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals most commonly referred to as REACH has been in force since June 1, 2007. The aim of REACH is to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment and to standardize the regulations for chemical substances in Europe.

COVENTYA takes its role as a downstream user and the associated duties and responsibilities regarding European chemicals legislations very seriously. Our product portfolio has been reviewed for potential registration and authorization obligations within the REACH regulation. The registration of the identified substances was completed on time by 1 June 2018 at the latest. This ensures that all raw materials required to manufacture the products supplied to our customers have been registered.

The most important source of information in the supply chain is the safety data sheet. Our products are formulations/mixtures and are classified, labeled and packaged according to Regulation EC 1272/2008 Classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). COVENTYA’s safety data sheets comply with the current Annex II of the REACH regulation and can be downloaded by our customers from a designated portal or requested from the relevant departments.

SVHC substances (Substances of very high concern) may also be present in electroplating processes. According to REACH, SVHC substances > 0.1 wt% have to be notified as an ingredient of mixtures. As soon as new substances are included in the SVHC candidate list, we check our products in this respect. If SVHC substances are present, we fullfill our duty to inform our customers  by communicating them via our safety data sheets in accordance with Article 31 of the REACH Regulation. In section 3 (Composition/information on components) of the safety data sheet, substances that are listed in the SVHC candidate list are explicitly identified as SVHC substances. We proceed in the same way when passing on known REACH registration numbers. Here too, the REACH registration numbers are assigned to the individual ingredients in section 3.

COVENTYA is not a manufacturer of articles – therefore we are not affected by the information obligation in the sense of Article 33 of the REACH Regulation. You can determine the SVHC wt% in articles based on the IMDS data. Please refer to the IMDS ID on the last page of our technical data sheets.

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REACh Presentations

ELV directive

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RoHS Directive

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WEE Directive

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International Material Data System


Due to the high quantity of old vehicles and the high value of their parts, it is worth to adapt a proper waste disposal and recycling policy.

Through a clear definition and declaration, it is possible to classify parts and materials so that a specific recycling or disposal can be carried out.

All materials used in the automobile industry are archived and maintained in the International Material Data System (IMDS). On this base Material Data Sheets (MDS) are created. All used materials and compounds of parts are included in this MDS. This is necessary for their ulterior recycling.

COVENTYA creates Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for all our processes. On the last page of the TDS the respective IMDS-ID is listed.

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How can we help you?
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In accordance with the European GDPR regulation, to the confidentiality charter and to the protection of personal data, COVENTYA undertakes to collect only relevant data strictly necessary to adequately answer to your request. Without any particular mention on your part, the corresponding department will keep your data for until 2 years after its reception. For any request concerning your personal data, please contact the Human Resources department of Coventya or