High performance chloride zinc plating addition agent system

ZETAPLUS INSIGNIA E process is an extremely high performance chloride zinc plating addition agent system, which utilizes innovative surfactant technology that exhibits excellent emulsifying capabilities. At the same time, it also provides a true non-foaming electrolyte. The process offers exceptionally bright, very fine grained deposits from very low to very high current densities. The addition agent system is extremely versatile and is equally effective in an all potassium chloride electrolyte, an all ammonium chloride electrolyte, or a mixed bath, containing a combination of the two salts. Furthermore, it is ideal for either rack or barrel plating applications.

Despite its outstanding performance, the ZetaPlus Insignia ‘E’ Process is very economical to use and requires very little in-plant control. Also, it is unusually tolerant to production abuse and can be used in either rack or barrel plating applications. The process also offers simplified control of dissolved iron in the operating solution.

The ZetaPlus Insignia ‘E’ Process combines high cathode efficiency with maximum deposit brilliance and leveling available in a zinc chloride electrolyte. Because of the high cathode efficiency of the process, and because of the ingredients that are unique to the ZetaPlus Insignia ‘E’ Process, very little organic matter is co-deposited during normal plating operations. As a result, deposits from baths using the ZetaPlus Insignia ‘E’ Process are generally more ductile than those from baths using other addition agent systems. Furthermore, deposits are generally easier to chromate without adhesion and smearing problems.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent emulsifying capabilities
  • Bright and fine grained deposits
  • Ideal for either rack or barrel plating
  • Economical and little in-plant control
  • High cathode efficiency
  • No adhesion and smearing problem
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