Neutral cleaner for hand wiping or pre-cleaning parts manually

PRESOL AB 84 L is a liquid detergency concentrate that is very versatile.  It can be used as a neutral cleaner for hand wiping or pre-cleaning parts manually.  It can be used as a detergency booster in any soak or spray cleaning application.  It is even stable enough to be used as an iron phosphate additive for cleaner-coater systems or three stage spray equipment.

This process belongs toPRESOL LINE

PRESOL is a line of solid cleaners for soak cleaning and electrolytic cleaning.
The technologies provide effective preparation of the surface prior plating. Each product is adapted to different needs. From mild alkaline cleaners to strong alkaline, full formula or free from dispersing or wetting agents as well as suited for different substrates.

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Door and Window hardware
  • Building
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