High performance, heavy duty alkaline cleaner for all ferrous metals, copper, and copper alloys.

PRESOL 5140 S is a high performance, heavy duty alkaline cleaner for all ferrous metals, copper, and copper alloys.  It’s an excellent choice for all job shop applications. It is effective as a rack or barrel soak cleaner over wide range of concentration.  A highly wetted, free rinsing medium alkalinity formulation promotes excellent penetration and emulsification of soils while providing long tank life.  It contains no chelators, does not contain soap resulting in films that create other cleaning concerns and its effective combination of detergents and moderately alkaline inorganic salts provide efficient cleaner performance with tremendous tolerance for extremely heavy soil loads while minimizing soils from being dragged down the line to contaminate other process tanks.


It is designed to remove machine oils, drawing compounds, sulfurized oils, or forming lubricants and greases and is an excellent barrel soak cleaner which can be effectively used at low temperatures and low concentration for cleaning water soluble and water emulsifiable drawing lubes.

This process belongs toPRESOL LINE

PRESOL is a line of solid cleaners for soak cleaning and electrolytic cleaning.
The technologies provide effective preparation of the surface prior plating. Each product is adapted to different needs. From mild alkaline cleaners to strong alkaline, full formula or free from dispersing or wetting agents as well as suited for different substrates.

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Door and Window hardware
  • Building
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