Ternary alloy zincate process supplied as liquid concentrate

OPTIBOND 768 is a ternary alloy zincate process supplied as liquid concentrate that, when mixed with water, provides a cyanide free, dilute type zincate process that promotes excellent adhesion of plated deposits on a wide variety of aluminum alloys including cast and wrought components, or those aluminum alloys with smooth surface finishes.  Process works well for rack or barrel applications.

Once aluminum surfaces are properly cleaned and deoxidized, the OPTIBOND 768 acts by displacing any aluminum oxide from the surface and depositing a uniform, thin, dense, immersion fine-grain zinc deposit.  The thin film then protects the aluminum surface from re-oxidation during rinsing prior to subsequent finishing operations. Provides up to 40% improvement of adhesion values over simple dual ZnFe alloy systems over wider variety of aluminum alloy surfaces.

OPTIBOND 768 solutions contain Zn, Fe & Ni alloying elements that actually suppress the deposition reaction over time to promote a thinner, denser film which has proven to be best for multi-alloy adhesion.

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