A comprehensive range of post dyes


MOLCLEAR MTP is a range of post dyes for coloring of the deposited electrocoat film before curing to produce tinted effect on white metal substrates typically gold and brass colors but with many more colors possible. This allows users to have only one cataphoretic lacquer tank whilst being able to generate multiple colors hence saving money.

The colors produced are transparent and attractive, giving very consistent finishes even on complex parts due to the excellent throwing power of the lacquer.

Typical colours include :

Molclear MTP 8200Red
 Molclear MTP 8250Stainless steel on zinc
 Molclear MTP 8260Stainless steel on aluminium
 Molclear MTP 8320Copper
 Molclear MTP 8400Brass
 Molclear MTP 8425Brown Bronze
 Molclear MTP 8450Rich Brass
 Molclear MTP 8500Gold
 Molclear MTP 8510Rich Gold
 Molclear MTP 8618Charcoal
 Molclear MTP 8705Chrome Blue
 Molclear MTP 8707Blue
 Molclear MTP 8800Purple
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