High decorative qualities combined with excellent corrosion resistance are the fundamental requirements of the decorative market. The main players of this market are: Sanitary Fittings, Furniture and Lighting.


COVENTYA offers a wide range of processes fulfilling all of your technical requests and protecting parts with aesthetic enhancement. We have developed solutions for you that fit the Lighting Industry requirements.

We have created the following processes that provide you with a large spectrum of colors: dedicated Brass, Tin-Nickel NISTLA, Tin-Cobalt CEDIA, black Nickel CRYSTAL BLACK, satin Nickel SATIN CRYSTAL, and trivalent chromium TRISTAR 300/310.


COVENTYA Research strives to improve its technologies and obtain outstanding effects with high technical performances in numerous conditions of wear.

Our commitment to research and develop new coatings is highlighted by our complete range of processes that fulfill the latest environmentally friendly standards, such as RoHS in the European Union.



Plating On Plastics

Conventional pre-plating – SILKEN Line
Hexavalent chrome free-SILKEN BOND


Copper – CUBRAC 400 & 600 Lines
Copper – DIASTAR 100
Nickel – CRYSTAL
Nickel – CRITERION SB 100
Chrome – TRISTAR Line
Chrome – Chrome 200 Line
Tin Alloys – CEDIA
Tin Alloys – NISTLA

Precious metals

Bronze – AURALLOY Line
Gold – AURECO Line
Gold – PARADOR Line
Protective Layers – ANTIOX Line

How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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