Environmental Policy

Surface finishing, by its very nature, is a sustainable process

The application of thin, specialty layers on relatively inexpensive and readily available materials is a far better choice than the use of rare or exotic alloys.

The life cycle of many consumer and industrial components is under daily attack from wear and corrosion. Surface finishing, an effective protective barrier, extends the useful life of these items in countless applications. Logic tells us the greatest contribution to sustaining resources is to not use them in the first place.

Surface finishing allows the use of lighter materials to improve fuel efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and encourage mobility engineers to turn dreams into reality.  The cornerstone of COVENTYA’s business philosophy is entrenched in our respect for the environment we share. It begins in R&D, where innovative products are designed for minimal impact on the resources used, the energy they consume and the waste they generate. We continue our efforts, guided by our ECOLINE approach, by stitching environmentally responsible actions into the fabric of our organization and the communities in which we operate.  Examples of this include:


  • Ongoing customer education program for responsible use and proper disposal of our products
  • Constant pursuit of elimination or reduction of all restricted/toxic/ substances in all of our products
  • Requirement that all COVENTYA facilities develop and maintain local sustainable business practice programs
  • Participation in local mentoring programs and sponsoring industry/community events to maintain a strong connection to the world we live in
  • Supply chain management where we work to extend our sustainable practices to our valued business partners
  • Expansion of WaterCare, a full product line designed to help our customers manage their industrial water use and waste


The final point in the list above is related to the one of the most valuable resource on the planet. Water. Without a dramatic shift in global management of water resources, some estimates predict that by 2050 more than ½ of the world’s population along with grain production will be under severe strain due to water shortages.[i]

COVENTYA recognized this in 2008 by becoming the first global supplier of surface finishing chemicals to promote their own Water Care product line. Our thought process was based on the simple fact that no one would know better how to treat waste from a surface finishing operation than the company that developed the product.

This full circle mentality is at the heart of our management philosophy and forms an integral part of our internal training programs. We encourage our employees to act responsibly with all resources and strive to minimize their use or at least maximize recycling. Regular campaigns such as our ECO-CHALLENGE, have delivered terrific returns in terms of energy efficiency, resource management and cost savings along the value chain.

A number of COVENTYA sites have already received the ISO 14001 certification and a group-wide plan is in place to roll-out the certification to other sites around the world, along with the most recent upgrades of our quality certificates.

COVENTYA embraces the concept of think big but act small. This has helped us as we pursue the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. The evolution of a business mindset where an expansion of traditional reporting now includes ecological and social performance.

COVENTYA believes surface finishing has an important role in making our planet a better place. For suppliers, like COVENTYA, with business comes responsibility. Committing to a cleaner environment and requiring sustainable business practices today ensures our tomorrow.


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How can we help you?
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