SDS Access

Here our customers and partners can find personalized technical information.

The first available service is the access to your safety data sheets (SDS) by using the following link: SDS Access

To obtain your SDS, you will need name of your Company, your name, your email address and your password. If you don’t have a password please contact your sales contact or follow the instructions appearing on the page.

My Invoices

If you are a customer of following companies:

  • COVENTYA SAS (France),
  • COVENTYA GmbH (Germany, Sweden, Finland)
  • COVENTYA Technologies (Spain)

you have an access to your invoices by using the following link: Access to My Invoices


General Terms and Conditions for E-Invoicing

COVENTYA issues signed electronic invoices to the [CUSTOMER] and archives them online for 10 years for free. Invoices can be consulted at any time by the [CUSTOMER] on the web portal provided by COVENTYA.

The [CUSTOMER] electronic address for reception of COVENTYA electronic invoices can be modified and the option for electronic invoicing can be revoked at any time by the [CUSTOMER] upon request to COVENTYA.

The [CUSTOMER] recognizes electronic invoices as original documents from tax point of view and acknowledges having been informed on the conditions of the electronic invoices archiving.

Authorization for the validation of the electronic signature by a third party: TrustWeaver will validate electronic signatures on electronic invoices prior sending or forwarding to the [CUSTOMER]. Validation will be performed as a separate step of the process for the [CUSTOMER] and will include a cryptographic control as well as the obtaining or the reuse of the information on the certification authority revocation status. Information on revocation status are sent or made available to the [CUSTOMER] in the defined format together with the electronic invoice.

All other necessary duties for the [CUSTOMER] to comply with invoice reception according to applicable legislation shall remain under the [CUSTOMER]’s responsibility.

Authorization for archiving: COVENTYA must archive electronic invoices, including their electronic signature in the [CUSTOMER]’s name. The [CUSTOMER] hereby authorizes COVENTYA to electronically archive documents on his/her behalf.



If you have a question or request concerning the electronic invoice, please click on the right contact to send an email to the COVENTYA Company which trades with you.

COVENTYA SAS -Villeneuve La Garenne – FRANCE


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COVENTYA Technologies – Castellbisbal – SPAIN

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In accordance with the European GDPR regulation, to the confidentiality charter and to the protection of personal data, COVENTYA undertakes to collect only relevant data strictly necessary to adequately answer to your request. Without any particular mention on your part, the corresponding department will keep your data for until 2 years after its reception. For any request concerning your personal data, please contact the Human Resources department of Coventya or