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Once a neutral salt-spray test and a singular coefficient of friction were the only key performance indicators for protective coated parts. Nowadays fasteners, for example, benefit from a steady coefficient of friction, even when subjected to multiple tightening, galvanic matching of different kinds of materials, cyclic corrosion requirements, conductivity, and many more.

The demand for multi-functionality requirements is only going to increase, and here at COVENTYA we work continuously to meet this demand.

Nevertheless, for our clients durability is always a priority.
Our job is to proof components against corrosion to increase their life.  To make sure the treated components can reach a full performance potential and face the most challenging environments a highly-engineered multi-step electro-chemical plating process is carried out. The correctly-activated parts are plated with an 8- to 12-micron layer of zinc or zinc-alloys — in the case of our PRIMION or PERFORMA ranges — that acts as a sacrificial coating to protect the part.  Coatings of this type will be attacked instead of the part itself, shielding the part from any physical damage. A very thin passivation — our FINIDIP or LANTHANE brands —is applied, making the base coat corrosion-resistant and giving it the desired finish color. Lastly, the item is covered with a top-coat (our FINIGARD brand), that seals the entire surface and offers additional benefits, such as specific frictional properties – a requirement for most automated assembly lines.


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