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COVENTYA’s Decorative Technologies include advanced systems for Copper, Nickel, Nickel Alloy and Chrome plating that are engineered to meet the ecological, appearance and performance criteria of today’s demanding global markets, including OEM automotive.

COVENTYA’s Decorative product applications include those involved with finishing in the appliance, shelving, furniture, automotive plastic trim, aluminum wheels and bumpers, steel bumpers, faucets, motorcycle  and window/door hardware markets.



Our CUBRAC Acid Copper Technologies provide industry leading performance advantages such as burn free deposits with excellent low current deposit leveling and brightness.  The CUBRAC Line of Acid Copper Technologies include dye, low-dye and dye-free processes engineered to meet specific requirements for a wide range of substrates, including Plastic, Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast.

The DIASTAR line of Non-Cyanide Alkaline Copper Technologies are industry leading systems for depositing a range of copper deposits aspects from dull to bright on steel, zincated aluminum and zinc die cast base metals.


Nickel Technologies include a full range of bright, satin, semi-bright/sulfur-free, high sulfur, micro-porous and cracked systems to provide a decorative finish with improved and extended corrosion protection, as well as the appearance demanded by today’s markets.  The CRYSTAL Line of bright nickel technologies, CRITERION Line of semi-bright/sulfur-free and micro discontinuous systems, as well as our SATIN CRYSTAL Line of decorative satin nickel processes engineered to meet the global demands of our customers.

With the recent government regulations including ELV, Reach, RoHS and the demands for eliminating work place health hazards, the market for trivalent chrome systems to eliminate hexavalent chrome for decorative applications has grown substantially.  In addition to the environmental regulations, more stringent corrosion performance has been mandated by automotive OEM’s globally to meet the demands of Russian Mud, CASS and NSST corrosion requirements.  Substantial investment in developing trivalent chrome technologies has positioned COVENTYA is a global leader in key industries and markets that are heavily involved with decorative applications.


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