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The increasing utilization of aluminium alloys today across many industries including Aerospace, Aircraft, Automotive, Transportation Equipment and Building and Architecture will continue to see growth since the benefits of utilizing lighter weight materials that provide good strength properties are realized for many specific applications.

All types of aluminium alloys benefit from some type of chemical processing to provide an important property including hardness, abrasion resistance, colour, bonding of organic coatings, corrosion resistance or simply a visual impact to the surface of the part or component.

Today, parts and components for systems made from aluminium alloys are processed with anodizing, chemical conversion coatings, paint or other organic coatings to provide an important application property. These include protecting their surfaces from corrosion in service, or delivering good adhesion bonding of an important layer over the aluminium or to impart a decorative finish to the surface. For Architectural applications where the finish must be maintenance-free for several decades and for Aerospace/Aircraft applications there is only one opportunity to make it right the first time, it is critically important to provide the correct surface preparation for the alloy.

COVENTYA ALUMAL brand encompasses a full range of Aluminium surface preparation products and technologies for cleaning, brightening, etching, deoxidizing Aluminium and its alloys prior to application of conversion coatings, painting, organic coatings, or anodizing, electro-colouring, dyeing or sealing.

1- Cleaning                                         ALUMAL CLEAN                      100 Series
2- Etching                                           ALUMAL ETCH                        200 Series
3- Brightening                                    ALUMAL BRIGHT                    300 Series
4- Acid deoxidizing                            ALUMAL DEOX                       400 Series
5- Anodizing                                       ALUMAL ELOX                        500 Series
6- Cr VI conversion coating              ALUMAL CHROME                  600 Series
Cr III conversion coating                   LANTHANE                              600 Series
7- Cr-free conversion coating          ALUMAL BOND                       700 Series
8- Electro colouring                           ALUMAL COLOUR                   800 Series
Chemical dyeing                                ALUMAL DYE                           800 Series
9- Sealing                                           ALUMAL SEAL                         900 Series

The products listed on our web site represents a partial list of what is available for the ALUMAL range.
Please contact your local COVENTYA representative for review of additional technologies to meet your Aluminium processing requirements.

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How can we help you?
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