Single Step Post Treatment Process for Enhancing the Corrosion Performance of TRISTAR Trivalent Chromium Deposits

TRISTAR SHIELD is a patent pending post treatment system compatible with all TRISTAR Cr(III) systems. This non-Cr(VI) electrolytic process optimizes the TRISTAR Series deposits providing higher neutral salt spray resistance as well as  improved resistance to humidity.

The single step application of the post treatment process enhances any TRISTAR deposit by creating an additional protective layer, a specific oxide, which increases corrosion performance better than any present technology available on the market.

The use of TRISTAR SHIELD also offers unique temporary storage protection to trivalent chrome plated parts.  The process provides the same performance as chromic acid; CrO3 based (CrVI) passivation treatments traditionally applied over chrome deposits.

Features & Benefits

  • A production proven process producing an enhanced oxide layer over chromium deposits to increase corrosion performance.
  • The application of the post process does not change the colour or aspect of the chrome deposit.
  • Compliancy with REACh regulations since it is free of any SVHC substances
  • The use over TRISTAR 300 and TRISTAR 330 AF deposits provide passing the most severe requirements for Neutral Salt Spray test (ISO 9227) on plastic, steel, brass, zinc die cast and aluminium components.
    • More than 480 hours to NSST after PV 1200 (8 cycles) are achieved without any change of aspect (VW TL 528 requirements)
    • Up to 1000 hours of NSST for automotive applications are achieved without modification of aspect according to JLR specification requirements (STJLR.50.5151)
    • Up to 250 hours for brass parts including faucets, sanitary fittings, and more than 24 hours for steel components including furniture & wire goods.
  • Enhances the performance of the TRISTAR 700 series of black chromium deposits.
  • The use of the process offers excellent resistance to staining especially in humid atmospheres.
  • Increases the resistance to Nickel leaching according EN 1811 reference test method
  • The process chemistry is easily analysed and replenished for maintaining the long life of the system.

This process belongs toTRISTAR LINE

TRISTAR line of trivalent chrome processes represents an important advancement in the technology of high performance addition agent systems for conventional and black trivalent chrome plating. It provides a remarkably uniform performance over a wide range of current densities and operating conditions.

TRISTAR processes offer excellent deposit coverage even in very low current density areas. They have outstanding tolerance to current interruption and intermittent contact during the chrome plating portion of the finishing cycle. Besides, simple-to-monitor and to-control additives of provide excellent process stability.

The line helps in enhancing worker safety, decreasing waste water treatment demands, and increasing profits due to remarkably high productivity. In addition, it is a production proven replacement to Chrome VI processes.

TRISTAR is an ideal solution for decorative applications where high performance and high productivity are essential.

Fields of application

  • Automotive exterior and interior trim and accessories
  • Building (door and lock hardware)
  • Wire goods
  • Furniture
  • White goods
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Leisure Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
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