SILKEN BOND is an innovative process, developed for the etching of ABS and PC/ABS.
As SILKEN BOND does not contain hexavalent Chrome, it is completely free of hexavalent Chromium regardless the operative conditions.
The process is based on acidic permanganate, but its concentration is far below 1.0 g/l that is typically an important benchmark for this type of technology.
A big benefit of the SILKEN BOND ETCH is the usage of a special designed oxidation cell, which offers a long life system of the process.
Compared to other chrome free etch technologies, SILKEN BOND ETCH is not hygroscopic, so no volume growth due to water absorption.
SILKEN BOND is the first step of a process of plating on plastic.

Fields of application

  • Sanitary Fittings
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronics
  • White Goods
  • Perfume Packaging


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How can we help you?
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