Silicia Particles Containing Trivalent Passivate for Zinc and Zinc Alloy

LANTHANE TR-175 passivate is a unique and highly protective post-plating treatment system for zinc and zinc alloy electrodeposits.
It polishes, brightens and passivates zinc surfaces via the same chemical reactions that take place in hexavalent chromates, but is Chrome IV-free. Instead, it’s based on trivalent chrome compounds that are used in combination with nano-particle technology.



The colour of the film varies slightly, depending upon the type of deposit over which it is applied. Alkaline non-cyanide zinc deposits typically exhibit a slight pearlescent appearance. Chloride zinc deposits generally exhibit a clear, white appearance. Zinc/iron deposits typically have a more pronounced iridescent appearance. In all these instances, the film formed can provide 240 to 350 hours of salt spray protection to the first appearance of white rust.

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform, clear/slightly iridescent passivate film
  • Self-healing
  • Inorganic solution
  • Provides superior, consistent corrosion protection
  • Effective on all zinc and most zinc alloy deposits
  • Extremely long operating life

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Building
  • General anti-corrosion protection

This process belongs toLANTHANE LINE

Top-of-the range and comprehensive passivate portfolio for all Zn based alloys. All colours available, with or without Cobalt.

It protects the sacrificial Zn or Zn-Alloy base coat from corrosion and acts as conversion layer between the Zn (Zn-alloy) and the top coat.

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Building industry
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics and collectors
  • Furniture
  • Leisure equipment
  • Wire goods
  • General industry

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