Satin Nickel Plating Process

SATIN CRYSTAL 230 is an example of our complete line of satin nickel plating process designed to satisfy the increasing requests of diversification and technological improvement of finishing industry

The process offers consistency and reproducibility of the satin effect over a wide range of part geometry..

Features and benefits

  • Light, white-silver aspect
  • Uniform, satin finish
  • Excellent throwing power at low current density
  • Suitable for rack applications

Fields of application

  • Automotive exterior and interior trim and accessories
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary fittings
  • White goods
  • Building (door and lock hardware)  




This process belongs toSATIN CRYSTAL LINE

SATIN CRSYTAL is a line of high performance satin nickel technologies created to satisfy the increasing requests of diversification of finishing in the OEM Automotive market.

SATIN CRSYTAL applications range from a polished stainless steel/aluminium appearance to dull matt aluminium and etched steel.

The line allows for chrome, gold, brass and black nickel plating by rack applications. It is characterised by excellent throwing power, additive stability and perfect deposit evenness at low current densities.

Fields of application

  • Automotive interior and exterior bright trim, including plastic based parts
  • Bumpers
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Building hardware
  • Shelving
  • Hand tools
  • White goods

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