Satin Acid Tin Process with Sulphate

STABAC SATIN is an electrolytic process of acid tinning. It produces a mat-satin tin deposits of fine aesthetic effect.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent covering and throwing power
  • White deposit, unaltered during time
  • Very good weldability, even after the test at 155°C for 16 h
  • Suitable for rack and barrel applications

Fields of application

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Automotive Industry

This process belongs toSTABAC LINE

STABAC is full range of acid Tin and tin alloy plating processes suitable for both decorative and functional applications. They are easy-to-use and have a wide range of operating parameters.

The finishes obtained are both dense and level and do not tarnish with handling. In addition, they have excellent solderability.

Fields of application

  • Printing industry
  • Semiconductors
  • Fashion, Design & Luxury
  • Electrical equipment
  • Consumer goods
  • Autmotive industry

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How can we help you?
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