Highly Acid Resistant Cataphoretic Lacquer

MOLFIN AR 130 is a highly acid resistant cataphoretic lacquer with excellent chemical resistance especially to formic acid and human perspiration.
It can be used on all conductive substrates and will not yellow when applied on silver, nickel and brass.
The lacquer has a very good hardness and wear resistance and an excellent wet adhesion, even when cured at lower temperatures. However it is not recommended to use pigments and dyes with this system.

Features and benefits

    • Enhanced hardness, 6H and higher
    • Excellent Formic acid resistance
    • Can be used on all conductive substrates
    • Non yellowing on silver, nickel and brass substrates
    • Excellent wet adhesion
    • Excellent perspiration resistance




This process belongs toMOLFIN LINE

MOLFIN is a line of non-pre-emulsified lacquers. They provide improved resistance to acids and perspiration making them ideal for high performance fashion finishes.

Fields of application

  • Fashion & Design
  • Spectacles
  • Jewellery

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How can we help you?
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