High Performance Cataphoretic Lacquer

MOLCLEAR HB 417 is an Acrylic – Urethane cataphoretic lacquer that offers higher hardness and chemical and solvent resistance than other Molclear lacquers even when cured at lower than normal temperatures.

It provides layers slightly thicker than the MOLPLUS coatings with a maximum hardness of 6 H making the deposit very abrasion resistant when compared to other systems.

Features and benefits

  • Low temperature cure 125-160 C
  • Easy to control
  • Non hazardous
  • Hard deposits 6H or more depending upon the cure used
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on all substrates
  • Excellent throwing power
  • Can be coated to >15 ums if required
  • Can be post dyed using MOLCLEAR MTP Series
  • Can be combined with integral colours from MOLCLEAR CP Series
  • Can be used with matting agents such as MMC 100

This process belongs toMOLCLEAR

MOLCLEAR is a product range of Cataphoretic lacquers that are pre-emulsified for ease of use. It can be applied on both electroplated finishes and pure metal in order to provide enhanced performance and appearance on components such as increased corrosion resistance and protection to abrasions and wear.

All MOLCLEAR lacquers have outstanding adhesion and throwing power which, when combined with their ability to be dyed with a wide range of colours to give the treated goods a transparent, metallic appearance, provides many possible applications.

Molclear lacquers do not need a pre dry step and can also be cured at lower than standard temperatures, saving money and processing time.

Fields of application

  • Lighting
  • Furniture (door handles, curtain poles etc.)
  • Fashion & Design
  • Jewellery
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings

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