Gold-Copper Alloy Plating Process

OMEGAL 160 CDF is a cadmium-free plating process that produces a 16-18 carat gold-copper alloy of a pink-gold colour conforming to 4N – 5N of the NIHS standards.
Due to attractive tint, it’s mostly applied as the finishing layer.

This process belongs toOMEGAL LINE

OMEGAL is a line of highly economical low karat gold and gold alloy process used in electroplating and electroforming. They can be used as both a final layer and an undercoat prior to the next colouring.

The deposit produced by OMEGAL processes has a uniform Champagne colour with a slight rosé tint conforming to 2N of the NIHS standards. It is hard, bright and resistant to corrosion. In addition, the high ductility of the alloy allows having high thicknesses, above 50 μm, without exfoliations and loss of brightness.

Under the brand OMEGAL a full range of Cadmium-free, low karat gold processes designed to meet the increasing demand for eco-conscious yet economical decorative finitures – OMEGAL CDF SERIES are also available.

Fields of application

  • Eyewear
  • Writing Tools
  • Watchmaking
  • Fashion, Design & Luxury
  • Jewellery

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