Boric Acid Free Bright Nickel Plating Process for POP and Highly Polished Substrates

EMERALD 1000 is a major breakthrough in decorative bright nickel plating that meets the demands of conventional Nickel deposits for Plating on Plastic or highly polished surface applications.
The process utilizes a unique additive that mimics the buffering action associated with the use of Boric Acid.
All addition agents are extremely stable. What’s more, they are completely consumed through deposition and do not produce harmful degradation products.

The EMERALD 1000 process is suitable for manual and automatic rack systems with mechanical solution movement or air agitation.

Features and benefits

  • Boric Acid Free
  • White-bright deposit
  • Good activity and easy to apply chrome deposits
  • Excellent levelling and ductility
  • High throwing power

Fields of application

  • Plating on Plastic
  • Highly Polished Substrates

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How can we help you?
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