Black Trivalent Passivate for Zinc – Nickel (12-15%)

FINIDIP 728.2 is a specially formulated liquid concentrate, based exclusively on trivalent chromium compounds. It produces a uniform black film on 12-15% Zn/Ni barrel electroplated deposits.

The solution is very stable. It is easy to tailor to the unique operating characteristics of any given installation, or piece of operating equipment. When used in conjunction with an appropriate FINIGARD topcoat, this formulation can provide specific coefficient of friction and torque tension characteristics.


Features & Benefits

  • Hexavalent chromium-free
  • Deep black aspect
  • Exceptionally long bath life
  • Excellent heat and abrasion resistance
  • Superior, consistent corrosion and white corrosion resistance
  • Uniform, black passivate film
  • Self-healing, when combined with a FINIGARD topcoat
  • Suitable for rack and barrel applications

Fields of application

  • Building
  • Fastener
  • Self-tapping screws

This process belongs toFINIDIP LINE

FINIDIP is a process line in the trivalent passivation range for Zinc and Zinc alloys of a black, yellow, white or green colour. These formulations protects the sacrificial Zn or Zn-Alloy base coat from corrosion and acts as conversion layer between the Zn (Zn-alloy) and the top coat.

Fields of applications

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive industry
  • Fastener industry
  • Building industry
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics and collectors
  • Wire goods

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