Benchmark Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating Process

PRIMION 240 is a new alkaline, non-cyanide, Zinc process based upon Potassium or Sodium hydroxide containing electrolyte. It is characterised by an excellent throwing power and a high deposition rate.


This process produces beautiful, bright deposit at all current densities that can be post-treated easily and with all conventional conversion coatings. The Zinc layers are very ductile and have a good adhesion to the base material.

PRIMION 240 is suited for rack and barrel applications and has a high current efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Very stable, economical brightener system
  • Ductile deposit
  • Outstanding bright throwing power
  • Highly efficient in rack and barrel applications
  • Outstanding metal distribution
  • Predictable replenishment schedule

Fields of application

  • Automotive Industry
  • Building Industry
  • General Industry

This process belongs toPRIMION LINE

PRIMION is a line of versatile, high performance alkaline non-cyanide Zinc plating processes. They offers an extremely fast plating rate to achieve minimum plating thickness, while depositing coatings that are extraordinarily bright, and levelled. That’s why PRIMION processes are used for highly demanding applications both economically and performance wise.

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Building industry
  • Window frames
  • Fittings

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