An Aluminium-Calcium-Cationic Polymer Blended Coagulant

OMEGA BP-4188 is a synergistic, uniformly soluble liquid blend, of two cationic coagulant substrates, polymerized with a medium molecular weight cationic polymer.
In wastewaters with high dispersion qualities, chelated characteristics, and/or oil & grease loading it neutralizes ionic charge differentials, complexes chelating agents, and absorbs oil and grease into a dense, dewatered floc matrix.
Wastewater treated with OMEGA BP-4188 displays enhanced metal removal, reduced turbidity, and improved floc structure, size, and density.
Dual cation formulation ensures complete neutralization of multi-metal effluents.

This process belongs toCOAGULANTS

WaterCare Coagulants are designed to provide solids neutralization of mixed wastewater flows from GMF (Metal Finishing and Metal Processing) and general purpose industrial wastewaters.

OMEGA C series: inorganic coagulants containing reacted aluminium and calcium base materials.
OMEGA BP Series: inorganic coagulants formulated with cationic polymer for maximum solids neutralization with minimal sludge generation.


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