Ammonia and OCB free, Acid Zinc Plating Process

ZETAPLUS 450 is a light acid, ammonia free zinc brightener system of the new environment friendly generation designed to produce ultra-bright and level deposits with a good throwing power, metal distribution and temperature stability.


ZETAPLUS 450 is a very stable and economic brightener system. It operates with AOX-free organic additives and does not contain methanol, isopropanol or nonylphenol. The CSB-value is very low. The used tensides are biodegradable.

This system is suitable for barrel and rack applications. Besides, hard-to-plate cast iron can be plated directly with ZETAPLUS 450.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent metal distribution and covering power
  • Ultra-bright, uniform and ductile zinc deposits
  • High tolerance against iron impurities
  • Excellent temperature stability and high cloud point
  • Easy to chromate

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Fastener industry
  • Building industry
  • Corrosion protection for other industrial applications

This process belongs toZETAPLUS LINE

ZETAPLUS is an ammonium free process line for acid Zinc plating. It is characterised by excellent brightness, throwing power, levelling and metal distribution.

ZETAPLUS Zinc layers are very ductile. They produce excellent results on cast iron parts. Plus, the electrolyte provides a very high temperature stability

The processes of ZETAPLUS line can be post-treated with all conventional passivates and are suitable for rack and barrel application.

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Building industry
  • Industrial applications
  • Fasteners industry
  • Hardened materials
  • Cast iron
  • General industry

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