Ready-mixed, stabilized colouring additive for Aluminium & alloys

Liquid system, complete process, ready mixed stabilized and balanced chemistry; contains copper and provides a range of red colours from pale pink through a brick red colour.

Features & Benefits  

  • Stable process for production systems
  • Consistent colours are obtained.
  • Allows significant tolerance of acid concentrations

This process belongs toChemical Dyes 800 Series

In many markets and for a multitude of applications where aluminium and alloys are utilized including the architectural, automotive, aircraft/aerospace industries, colours of many types of parts and surfaces provide an important visual or aesthetic appeal.
ALUMAL Chemical Dyes include organic and inorganic types that are water soluble and absorbed into the pores of an anodic film. The Intensity of the resulting colour is based on the amount of the dye absorbed, which is easily controlled in the process. For very demanding uses such as exterior architecture applications, the electro-colouring process is viable option to provide long term colour options.

 Chemical Dyes 800 Series – COVENTYA offers powder and liquid products in organic and inorganic chemistries for producing colours ranging from Black, Blue, Green, Olive Drab, Red, Yellow and Gold and others.   Depending on the desired colour, the final application, Anodized layers can be coloured for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Many ALUMAL Dyes offer very good light stability and will not fade in exposure to sunlight.  Inorganic Gold colouring can be obtained with ALUMAL GOLD 873 technology, and we have various ALUMAL Black dyes to meet UV demands, or range of black colours for your specific application.

Because there are so many colouring options available for Anodizing, please contact your local sales team to discuss which ALUMAL Dye technology will meet your demands.

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How can we help you?
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