Alkaline Zinc-Iron Process for Barrel and Rack Plating Applications

PERFORMA 260 is a new stable, alkaline Zinc/Iron bath with high current efficiency. The layers of the alloys contain 0.4-0.8 % of Iron, can be post-treated easily and with all conventional passivates. PERFORMA 260 shows an outstanding metal distribution and high covering power.

The electrolyte is suited for rack and barrel and produces a very bright, stainless and ductile Zinc-Iron layer. Another advantage of PERFORMA 260 is its low cost, easy to use process, and easy waste water treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly protective, bright, burn-free deposits, even at very high current densities
  • Extremely low stressed and blister free deposits
  • Operates with low levels of the complexing agents needed to regulate iron co-deposition
  • Excellent covering power and uniformity of plate distribution
  • Iron content is not affected by variations in bath temperature
  • High cathode efficiency often allows for increased load size in plating barrels and more heavily populated plating racks. As a result, production is increased.
  • Suitable for rack and barrel applications

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Building
  • Electrical equipment
  • Furniture

This process belongs toPERFORMA LINE

PERFORMA is the most industry renowned brand for Zinc-alloy plating processes. Deposits produced with PERFORMA systems are unparalleled when it comes to corrosion performance and productivity.

The processes of this line can optionally be operated with our unique and patented 3S membrane system to achieve unmatched consistency and efficiency.

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Fasteners industry
  • Building industry
  • Hydraulic fittings
  • Power transmission
  • Fasteners
  • Furniture

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