Alkaline Electrolytic Cleaners Additive

AB 31 is a liquid compound of anionic and dispersant surface-active agents designed to increase the efficiency of electrolytic degreasers.

This additive is suitable for alkali electrolytic solutions for both cathode and anodic phase, especially at the end of the preparation cycle. During the electrolytic phase it exhibits good detergent properties and moderate foam effect.

If added to an aqueous solution of a PRESOL product, AB 31 provides an excellent wetting action on the metal surface making it properly hydrophile.

This process belongs toAB LINE

AB is a line of specially designed wetting agents, emulsifiers to be used in combination with our PRESOL and PRELIK line of cleaners.

Wetting agents help to clean the surface by emulsification but also minimizes fumes from electrolytic cleaners for better working environment

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Door and Window hardware
  • Building

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