Acidic Ruthenium Plating Process

RUTHENIUM 520 is an acidic process that provides bright deposit with dark and uniform colour with L value of 52. It is suitable for both rack and barrel application.

This process belongs toRUTHENIUM LINE

RUTHENIUM is a line of Ruthenium processes used as a final finishing in decorative applications. It enables direct ruthenium plating on nickel or white bronze substrates without blemishing the base material.

All RUTHENIUM processes are very stable. They produce bright and uniform deposits with high surface hardness and wear and corrosion resistance.

The finishes have a unique, dark colour ranging from grey to ultra-black with a maximum L value of 70 when measured with the Minolta Spectrocolorimeter CIE in both alkaline and acidic media.

Fields of application

  • Eyewear
  • Fashion, Design & Luxury
  • Jewellery

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