A Surfactant-Dispersant for Air Scrubber & Cooling Water Equipment

OMEGA AQ-6122 is a cationic surfactant-dispersant, designed to disperse and penetrate organic based deposition and biofilms.

It can be applied to industrial air scrubber equipment and in cooling water systems to remove oil/debris deposition and organic fouling. OMEGA AQ-6122 provides for the prevention of biomass establishment via the penetrating action of its active ingredients. This is a bio-penetrant product and not a biocide.

When applied as a ‘dual-purpose’ dispersant and biological control agent, OMEGA AQ-6122 dissolves hydrocarbon based deposition rapidly to regain heat transfer efficiency. It can be utilized to reduce sludging and debris fall out and it acts as a bio-penetrant to disperse and destroy biofilms on internal piping and heat exchange equipment.

This process belongs toDISPERSANTS


Organic dispersants designed for prevention of biomass establishment in air scrubbers and cooling tower equipment.


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