A mixed chloride based coagulant

When utilized as a primary coagulant, OMEGA C-3112 is effective in neutralizing wastewater solids. It is all inorganic in composition and is thereby compatible with membrane based filtration systems.
The solution is pH neutral in nature, and will not depress the pH significantly in neutralization tanks. It is environmentally safe, and does not contain sulfides, carbamates, or any other potentially toxic organic derivatives.

This process belongs toCOAGULANTS

WaterCare Coagulants are designed to provide solids neutralization of mixed wastewater flows from GMF (Metal Finishing and Metal Processing) and general purpose industrial wastewaters.

OMEGA C series: inorganic coagulants containing reacted aluminium and calcium base materials.
OMEGA BP Series: inorganic coagulants formulated with cationic polymer for maximum solids neutralization with minimal sludge generation.


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