A Carbamate Based Metal Precipitant with a high affinity for nickel and copper ions

OMEGA MP-5140 is a ‘DMTC’ based concentrated, low molecular weight; cationic, liquid metal precipitant agent utilized for the reduction of metal ions from industrial wastewater and process water applications.
It can be employed as:

  • a metal reduction agent for both batch and continuous water treatment systems
  • a primary metal reduction aid, reducing the coagulant demand, thereby reducing sludge volume
  • a polishing aid to assure compliance for a known metal(s) which may be borderline for discharge compliance with an existing treatment program

The liquid material precipitates chelated metals where conventional treatments are not feasible. It is easily dosed to batch tanks in ratio to the concentration of known metals in the solution.

This process belongs toMETAL PRECIPITANTS

WaterCare Metal Precipitants are designed to provide enhanced metal removal by forming metal sulfides with chelated and strongly complexed wastewater flows from GMF (Metal Finishing and Metal Processing) and general purpose industrial wastewaters.

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