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MOLPLUS has been developed through real-world experience with fashion items and jewellery to deliver a cataphoretic lacquer that finds the perfect balance between increasing hardness and maintaining adhesion.

While traditional cataphoretic lacquer systems could increase lacquer hardness or chemical resistance, the downside trade-off was loss of adhesion, poor tactile feel, stickiness, iridescence, and warmness of the deposit. Hence the fashion industry’s reluctance to adopt this technology in a market where visible quality and durability is paramount.

MOLPLUS cataphoretic lacquer system overcomes those previous shortcomings by engaging two central factors: being pre-emulsified, maintenance and control of lacquer is simpler than standard systems; and by operating at low solvent concentrations. Benefits include:


  • solvent control is enabled by permeate R1 analysis,
  • jewellery retains an authentic metal touch and feel,
  • colour consistency with post-dyes and pigments,
  • meets all the main corrosion standards required by the luxury field
  • thin layer maintains performance and visual impression

Another advantage of MOLPLUS is that film curing begins at 125°C – so although parts performance may not quite match fully cured, it does provide a new level of protection. And that’s crucial for the low-cost zinc die cast parts used in the fashion industry.

With the MOLPUS cataphoretic lacquer system, COVENTYA has stepped up to the challenges facing the fashion world by producing an e-coat that gives metallic jewellery parts a long shelf life and upgraded protection.

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