26 Nov 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM CET


– Introduction: presentation of the Coventya Precious Metals division
– Development guidelines: quality certification
– Each application has a dedicated Gold process: how to select the right technology?

Precious Metals is where COVENTYA truly shines. Our products do not just finish your luxury items; they complete them. Our innovative Precious metals technologies and artful aesthetics give the brand owner the ability to direct the course of fashion – and the decision making of consumers.
The webinar will be given by Coline Nelias, Coventya International Product manager for the Precious Metals technologies.
Coline Nelias joined Coventya France in 2010 as R&D trainee and during the first two years, she quickly transitioned to R&D Engineer in our Precious Metal Department. After 4 years in France, in 2015, she got transferred to our Precious Metals R&D site in Agliana, Italy.
Coline continued her work as R&D Engineer and actively participated for the development and patentability of new products. Since 2018, she has been focusing on the coordination of the R&D activities in Agliana, helping to integrate Coventya technologies at select precious metals customers plants and the successful application of e-coating on luxury goods.
Coline took over the International product manager role in 2019 and is now focusing on the technical guidance and commercial strategy of the Precious Metals product line.


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