Wire Goods are found everywhere: shopping carts, oven grills, cable wire trays, and wine storage racks, to name a few.

Plating is the most commonly used method to achieve various performance characteristics, such as enhanced resistance to corrosion along with appealing decorative features and improved wear and handling resistance.

Two-year testing has revealed the efficiency of our processes at Wanzl in Germany.


Regardless of what the applied coating is, we offer a process that provides outstanding performance at the most reasonable operating cost possible. We are considered as one of the worldwide leaders in Zinc, Zinc alloy, and Nickel-plating processes for plating Wire Goods.

We offer passivates and Top-Coats processes that are exclusively based upon trivalent chromium electrolytes, which ensure better throwing power, coverage and plating performance unaffected by momentary current interruptions. Ultimately, we have a solution for any of your problems.


We have invented the technology FINIGARD for preventing the cosmetic and functional damages of the corrosion. Applied as a Top-Coat over passivated Zinc, FINIGARD extends the shelf life of the plated parts to several years and preserves the metallic aspect of the layer. Thanks to the hexavalent Chromium-free passivations, we were the first to introduce the nano-particles containing passivate LANTHANE 310 and TR 175 on the market. These processes belong to the last generation of hexavalent Chromium-free passivations and successfully replace all former hazardous chromates. Our complementary knowledge acquired in the impressive, continuous tube plating process and the reel to reel plating business makes us even more efficacious in the Wire Good Industry.



Pure Zinc – PRIMION 240
Zinc Alloy – PERFORMA 280 Line
Pure Zinc – ZETAPLUS
Pure Zinc – ALCYON
Passivate – LANTHANE Line
Passivate – FINIDIP Line
Top Coat – FINIGARD Line


Copper – CUBRAC 400 & 600 Lines
Copper – DIASTAR 100
Nickel – CRYSTAL
Nickel – CRITERION SB 100
Nickel – CRITERION MP 200
Nickel – CRITERION MC 300
Chrome – TRISTAR Line
Chrome – CHROME 200 Line


How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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