A Culture of Sustainability

The 21st century sees big changes coming up for corporations. The mere economic success and the fact of creating jobs inside their communities is not sufficient anymore to be a respected citizen. The scope of responsibility is widening continuously and now extends to the vast areas of Environment, Social Responsibility and good Corporate Governance (ESG). Companies are expected to participate actively and thus retain their attractiveness as an employer in the long term. Managers have to sharpen their eyes and develop sustainable perspectives for their company.


In its simplest terms, sustainability is all about creating and maximizing long-term social, economic and environmental value for the greater good of future generations. In many ways, it ties back to the operations, processes and people an organization has in place
At COVENTYA, we look at sustainability through a broader lens by applying its principles to those most impacted by our company – from employees, customers and suppliers to communities.

COVENTYA employs close to 700 people globally and operates directly in 15 countries.  Regardless of their place on the map, COVENTYA and its partners strive to be good corporate stewards in everything we do by:


  • Supporting charities, civic causes and our communities in which we operate
  • Promoting safe operating practices and being respectful of our neighbors
  • Working to minimize the environmental impact of our operations
  • Complying with all laws and regulations


COVENTYA is committed to acting with integrity and following a high standard for ethical behavior.  Legal compliance is a business imperative, and COVENTYA associates are committed to acting ethically and with integrity.

We attach great importance to ESG and strive to get better every day through tangible actions and initiatives. The improvement steps are individually small but create a sizeable movement from a larger perspective.


COVENTYA Addresses United Nations Objectives In The Framework Of SDG 

How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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