Environmental Guidelines

Surface finishing, by its very nature, is a sustainable process

The life cycle of many consumer and industrial components is under daily attack from wear and corrosion. Surface finishing, an effective protective barrier, extends the useful life of these items in countless applications. Logic tells us the greatest contribution to sustaining resources is to not use them in the first place.

At Coventya, we understand that in our efforts to provide todays’ technology and tomorrow’s innovation, we must remain cognizant of our impact on the environment. It is this understanding that has resulted in the belief that environmental concerns do not set boundaries or barriers but create opportunities and that sustainable business practices, just make sense for our employees, our families, our neighbours, our communities, our customers and our world. It is through this belief that Coventya established standards for how we operate; from the procurement of raw materials, to the development and distribution of our products, we aim at every level, to minimize our impact on the environment. At every Coventya location, we continually seek to:

  • Reduce our overall energy consumption and subsequent carbon footprint
  • Reduce waste and pollution through conservation, recycling and other sustainable measures
  • Exceed local, regional and global regulatory compliance
  • Engage employees at all levels of the organization in our efforts to maintain, promote and improve our sustainable business practices
  • Embrace new sustainable methodologies


Coventya sites in India, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, France and Spain have already received the ISO 14001 certification and a group-wide plan is in place to roll-out the certification to other sites, along with the integration of a global management system.

Coventya believes surface finishing has an important role in making our planet a better place. For suppliers, like Coventya, with business comes responsibility. Committing to a cleaner environment and requiring sustainable business practices today ensures our tomorrow.



ISO 14001:2015 (Multisite Europe)

ISO 14001:2015 (India)

ISO 14001:2015 (Malaysia)

ISO 14001:2015 (Korea)

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How can we help you?
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