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OMEGA AQ-6154 eliminates costly down time and cooling equipment repairs for a closed loop cooling and heating systems.  This equipment includes:

  • Rectifier Cooling systems
  • Plastic Injection Molding closed loops
  • Induction furnace cooling equipment
  • Hot water heating loops
  • Chiller system loops

Corrosion of mild steel / brass / copper / aluminum alloys in untreated systems will result in poor heat transfer, plugging, and leakage due to accelerated corrosion, as shown below:


Case History Example

After 90 days of treatment with OMEGA AQ-6154, aluminum corrosion was reduced to 0.20 MPY (mills per year).  Test aluminum coupons inserted in this cooling system confirm the results. ASTM G4 – 95.


Closed loop injection system with poor control:
90 days exposure results for Alloy AL2017 [10.2 MPY]

Closed loop injection system with OMEGA AQ-6154:
90 days exposure results for Alloy AL2017 [0.20 MPY]


OMEGA AQ-6154:

  • An integrated treatment: ‘concentrate’ solution
  • Biological resistant formulation: non-nitrite based
  • Provides passivation


Simply add at 1.25 US gallons (5 Kg) per 1000 US gallons (3.8M3) of system water volume.  A total system passivation at 50 ppm of sodium molybdate residual.  Supplement OMEGA AQ-6154 as required per system water loss.

Closed Loop Chiller

Closed Loop Heating

Mild steel corrosion without OMEGA AQ-6154
Exposure 90 days

Mild steel corrosion with OMEGA AQ-6154
Exposure 90 days



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