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The REACH regulatory committee, consisting of representatives of the 28 Member States chaired by the EU Commission, has made decisions on two important chromium (VI) authorization applications. After unconfirmed information, the following review periods will be accepted:


Lanxess / CTAC request

Decorative and functional chrome coating and other applications

Review period: 7 years (from the “sunset date” for chromium trioxide in 2017)

End of Review Period: September 2024

For the following uses:

  • formulation of mixtures
  • unctional chrome plating

Surface treatment for applications in aeronautics and aerospace industries

Review period: 4 years (from date of decision)

End of review period: 2023 (actual date depending on the final adoption of the admission decision)

For the following uses:

  • functional chrome plating with decorative character
  •  surface treatment for applications in various industry sectors
  • passivation of tin-plated steel (ETP)

Admission to the CTAC application will most likely include a number of conditions that were under discussion in the REACH regulatory committee last week.


FGK application, Plastic coating

Review period: 7 years

End of Review Period: September 2024

Here, too, it can be assumed that conditions for the approval decision will be issued. Summaries of decisions are expected to be published in the Official Journal of the EU in the first half of 2019.

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