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The new TRISTAR 330 AF is the third generation of sulfate-based electrolyte developed by COVENTYA. The process offers outstanding performance over the state-of-the-art technology.

The system developed in our POP/Decorative R&D center in Villorba provides an aesthetical aspect deposit extremely close to the one obtained from hexavalent chrome electrolytes. With an “L” value over 83 and “b” value close or even inferior to 0, the optical aspect is nearly identical to hexavalent chrome deposits.

The process high performance is characterized by a high deposition speed averaging 0.4 µm in 5 min which is important for applicator production throughput.

Finally, the corrosion resistance satisfies the most demanding specifications for CASS and Neutral Salt Spray tests in combination with our TRISTAR SHIELD – Cr VI free post treatment system, on steel but also on plastic parts and sanitary-plumbing components.

* Four major plating lines have been operating with TRISTAR 330 AF for more than one year.

Enter the new generation of trivalent chrome electrolyte with TRISTAR 330 AF.

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