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We are pleased to announce that the resent collaboration between our Italian team and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has resulted in approval for specification *PS.50045* with aspect code *CM-618* for our TRISTAR 300 bright, decorative, trivalent chromium system.

Deposit colour, durability and stability over time are important characteristics for replacing Cr(VI) deposits.  Additionally, realizing improved worker safety and reduced wastewater treatment costs, the benefits of TRISTAR Brand include:

  • Chloride & Sulfate chemistry systems exceeding the toughest demands for Cr(VI) replacement
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous parts benefit from deposit high corrosion performance
  • Improved production efficiency, high throughput, less rejects & reduced scrap
  • High surface coverage, bright, uniform deposit thickness distribution
  • No PFOS/PFAS surfactants

COVENTYA remains well connected to the Automobile industry through our Key Industry Management (KIM), R&D and Product Management teams.

Approvals with Groupe PSA of our TRISTAR Trivalent Chrome Series and Chrome-free etching SILKEN BOND technology for plating on plastic applications provide applicators the ability to remove hexavalent chromium from their operations.

As a reminder, our TRISTAR 300 is also recognized by General Motors with approval for GMW 14668 Code B Type.

Contact your local COVENTYA representative to find out more.

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