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When it comes to a shape, size, idea, formulation or way of execution, it is a common belief that counterfeiting has no place in a high-end luxury goods and fashion world. But we dare to disagree. What about simulated heat waves, months and months of sea exile squeezed in just a couple of hours, even synthetic sweat? These are just a couple of test a product has to undergo in order to ensure the charm bracelet, sunglasses or bag marked with world renown logo will look just as perfect after years of usage as minutes after crossing the store threshold.

The durability of an item is an undisputable sign of quality that steers mindful consumers towards more prestigious labels, among whom one can find an important number of our clients. Thanks to more than 90 years of experience and most on point technology resembled in our Metallographic Technology Lab (Agliana, Italy) end elsewhere, of course, we are sure our clients and partners offer the end consumer the most trustworthy products.

If you want to learn more about behind the scenes of making luxury goods, feel free to proceed to the second edition of our Precious Metals Newsletter.

Precious Metals Newsletter

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