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Nearly every global automotive OEM, most notably in Europe and Asia, have such parts integrated in their interior design.  Examples of plated bi-injected parts are control knobs, push-buttons, ornamental frames for tachometers and many other parts too numerous to list

In addition to the increase demand for bi-injected parts, we have seen an increased need for high selectivity between the plateable and non plateable surfaces as well as a change in the material combinations.

A recent market study found significant differences in regards to selectivity between each plater and parts made in their moulding department. As a consequence, different platers use different processes and parameters in their plating line, often with a very narrow operating window.

COVENTYA offers a solution to this with our SILKEN METAL 701, a proven Electroless Nickel technology with the highest selectivity for various plastic combinations.

In addition to unrivalled selectivity, SILKEN METAL 701 has following advantages:

  • Broad operating window
  • Requires only one catalyst & accelerator for bi-injected parts standard parts
  • Ammonia free
  • Easily integrated into existing POP lines

One should not dismiss the importance of the ammonia free aspect of SILKEN METAL 701

Due to the high operating pH of ammonia based Electroless Nickel systems evolve very strong ammonia odour which require extreme ventilation.  Even under ideal circumstances, ammonia will be given off during pH adjustment and replenishment of the EN chemistry. Strong odour aside, ammonia fumes are significant irritants to humans and pose a serious safety risk.

SILKEN METAL 701 is completely odourless and operates under nearly the same parameters as the ammoniated versions currently in operation.  Immersion time, pH and temperature are all comparable with ammonia based Electroless Nickel

In addition to the environmental benefits, SILKEN METAL 701 provides the highest selectivity on bi-injected parts, which are seen more and more in the interior of vehicles from most global automotive OEMs.

COVENTYA’s SILKEN METAL 701 is installed in several major automatic POP platers across Europe and is delivering positive results for bi-injected parts all while creating a much more environmentally friendly workplace.

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