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FINIGARD 112 is an all-new fastener top-coat specifically designed for meeting numerous automotive fastener specifications.

With a new generation of friction modifiers the friction control of FINIGARD 112 is very precise. Typically only a single dip application of FINIGARD 112 provides a steady coefficient of friction of 0.09-0.14 in and against different materials such as steel and powder coated steel. It even measures up to the particularly challenging specs for multiple tightening in Aluminium.

FINIGARD 112 meets the requirements of various OEM fastener specifications. When put to test at a production scale it successfully passes tests like Coefficient of friction, cyclic corrosion and conductivity. A customer of ours stated that FINIGARD 112 is currently the best friction modified and corrosion resistant top coat available – the advantage it has over competitive technology where a double-dipping is a must (same line/ equipment) regardless of all the inconveniences associated with it, are more than desirable when it comes to production.

FINIGARD 112 is another example where we clearly demonstrate our second to none coefficient of friction expertise and competency. For more information on the product, please, contact our sales teams.

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