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COVENTYA, global supplier to the surface finishing industry since 1927, has deep roots in Aluminium finishing.

Initially, the specialty chemicals offered were mainly focussed on plating aluminium parts with metals such as copper, nickel and silver. Over the years we have developed a full range of cleaners, deoxidisers and zincates especially adapted to the preparation of aluminium alloys and satisfying increasingly demanding requirements.

12 years ago, based on our extensive knowledge and experience on trivalent chrome passivates, we enlarged our portfolio by launching with great success the specific LANTHANE series tailored to aluminium. LANTHANE 613.3, the next-generation Cr III based conversion coating, has gained recognition and a number of approvals in many industries such as aerospace, rail transportation and construction.

Few years later, the LUMIA line was born. LUMIA was a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the Aluminium Surface Treatment, including pretreatment, conversion coatings and anodizing chemicals.

Since 2017, COVENTYA is the majority shareholder of Politeknik Metal based in Istanbul, a recognised innovation leader in aluminium finishing.

Upon the merger, a new global product line emerged: ALUMAL. It covers all functional, decorative and corrosion-resistant demands. Our products have been developed considering the daily challenges of our customers: substrate quality and finishing requirements, as well as environmental and safety issues, productivity and costs. ALUMAL line includes:

  • ALUMAL CLEAN: alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaners to remove effectively oils and polishing pastes
  • ALUMAL ETCH: additives for long-term alkaline etching or acid etching, to get flawless surface and fine mat finish
  • ALUMAL BRIGHT: nitrate-free chemical or electrolytic brightening
  • ALUMAL DEOX: processes to neutralise, deoxidise and remove effectively smut from alloying elements
  • ALUMAL ELOX: additives to improve anodising process, making possible to operate at higher temperature and giving both harder and brighter layers
  • ALUMAL BOND and LANTHANE: Cr-free and Cr III conversion coatings for pretreatment before organic coating or bare corrosion protection
  • OPTIBOND: extensive offer of zincates
  • ALUMAL COLOR/STEEL/COPPER and ALUMAL GOLD/BLACK: electrocolouring solutions and dyes offering intense and long lasting colours, as well as extended bath life
  • ALUMAL SEAL: nickel based or heavy metal-free processes for high quality sealing, suitable for clear and coloured parts

ALUMAL has gained product approvals in many industries and we are adding new ones each and every year. Among them are such international companies as Safran, Tesla, Airbus Helicopters, Somfy, Volkswagen and Dhollandia.

As far as architectural parts are concerned, QUALICOAT and QUALANOD approvals affirm the excellent performances of our products.

Committed to serve aluminium industry, COVENTYA has teamed up with several aluminium associations like ESTAL, AAC, AYID, VOA, ADAL.

Thanks to dedicated R&D resources, state of the art laboratories and numerous manufacturing sites, our experienced team support aluminium finishers everywhere.

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