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TRISTAR HP SYSTEM is COVENTYA’s latest technology for providing a High Performance Trivalent based Decorative Chrome deposit with Russian Mud corrosion and up to 60 hours CASS resistance on metal and plastic substrates.  The System is specifically designed to meet today’s requirements of automotive standards for interior and exterior Trichrome applications.

TRISTAR HP SYSTEM consists of several interacting layers (CUBRAC Acid Copper, CRITERION Sulphur-Free Nickel, CRYSTAL Bright Nickel, CRITERION Micro-Porous Nickel and TRISTAR 300/700 Series Trichrome) based upon electromotive potential that provide a barrier to corrosion.

No additional process steps are required, present process sequence for Hexavalent Chrome is utilized, providing low conversion and replenishment cost.

For applications that also require Neutral Salt Spray or Humidity protection, a complete line of Post Treatments are available to enhance the performance of the TRISTAR HP SYSTEM.

Tomorrow is today, the TRISTAR HP SYSTEM does not depend upon Reach initiatives; it is ready for Market now!

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