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The recent evolutions in the European REACh legislation concerning the future of hexavalent chrome usage, especially in the Pre-Treatment of Plating on Plastics, has renewed the interest to evaluate recent technologies avoiding completely the use of Hexavalent Chromium.

All stakeholders in the value chain ranging from OEM’s, integrated molders/platers, Job Plating shops and additive suppliers have multiplied pilot or production size trials to prove the practical suitability of new technology in those demanding Plating on Plastics applications.

Due to a wide range of processed polymers/plastics and molding technologies (1 through 3K), challenging part geometries and performance requirements, the test matrix is complex and needs to respect the existing plating line lay-outs.

In order to provide full-fledged and practical solutions to the evolving markets, the well renowned formulators HSO and COVENTYA have joined forces to offer a “Hybrid Solution” for the hexavalent chrome-free POP Pre-Treatment process, using best-in-class elements of their products portfolios, which are already in production in trial status and partially included in recent OEM specifications. Current projects for hexavalent chrome replacement by either one of the partners will continue as planned but will benefit from the combined portfolio of the HSO EcoEtch® and COVENTYA SILKEN BOND technologies.


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